Vepertoir Solutions was founded in 2013, but formally registered in 2015 as a formal business organisation to carry on business in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The objective of Vepertoir Solutions is to provide Educational and Publishing Services.

As a core, our educational services span through Phonics and Diction trainings for students, teachers and corporate individuals. We work with schools to provide early childhood Phonics education and Diction training to help enhance the spoken English of their students and teachers.

We provide provide online home tutoring for Nigerian children in the diaspora. We help prepare children for special examinations like 11+, 13+ and SAT.

We have worked, and still work with a number of schools in Nigeria over the years. This has given us a leverage in our line of expertise. Currently, we are working with children in the United Kingdom and Germany, providing them with online tutoring Mathematics and English language.