Vepertoir Solutions was founded in 2013, but formally registered in 2015 as a formal business organisation to carry on business in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The objective of Vepertoir Solutions is to provide training solutions for schools and corporate businesses, and carry out business in Publishing.

We have metamorphosed into a Digital Marketing Solutions company, providing digital marketing services that help clients achieve set goals in their businesses.

Over the years, the organisation has worked with a number of clients within Lagos State, providing them with training solutions and business services that have added values to such clients and brands.

We have provided and we are still providing Phonics and Diction training services to reputable schools and corporate individuals. We have also provided Basic Mathematics workshop for schools.

Vepertoir Solutions works with Nipopi Ventures Limited, and has successfully helped the organisation prepare a 'Strategic Marketing Proposal for Groundnut Oil.'

In the recent time, we have created website design for a few clients, and look forward to working with and providing digital marketing solutions to clients within Nigeria and beyond.

We take pride in what we do, and go the extra length to provide satisfaction for our clients, while taking their pockets into consideration.