Digital Marketing

It does not matter what kind of micro-business you run, or the kind of skill you possess. Whether you produce and sell ice-cream, cakes and cup-cakes, own a restaurant, a hotel, a bar or, you are a plumber, tailor, a carpenter etc, taking advantage of the internet can help you increase your customers and boost sales.

Our range of services is geared towards helping you achieve your online business goals of brand awareness, products awareness and increase in sales and customer base:

We get your Business Online

If you are someone with a sellable skill such as a plumber, a carpenter, a painter, an interior decorator, a tiler, etc, we can help you position your skill online for potential client and customers to find you easily. All you need is a phone number and a contact address.

Website Design

Do you run a micro-business, and willing to have a website where you can showcase your business to potential clients and customers? You could own a fashion business, a furniture business, a photo studio, a restaurant, a mechanic workshop, etc. It doesn’t matter what business you run. A website helps you reach more clients and customers. Learn More...

Content Creation

Looking to create content that will help you promote your business or skill? We have got you covered. We can help you create content that are tailored to your business needs, in texts, audio or video formats.

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you run a physical business, and desire to go digital, we are positioned to provide you with the complete digital strategy that will give you the success that you desire for your business. A complete digital strategy is like creating a complete online business. And we are well positioned to take your business digital.

Search Engine Optimization

If you already have a business online, but looking to optimize it for better search results, talk to us. As a digital marketing company, we are positioned to optimize your online business for search engines to find it with ease.

Search Engine Marketing

Do you want your business to get in the eyes of many people who are already searching for the kind of products and services you offer? Then Search Engine Marketing is what you need. We can help your business appear in search results through paid advertising.

Social Media Marketing

You can use social media to drive more traffic to your business website. With about three billion people using social media networks worldwide, it is a good place to drive traffic for your business. We can use Facebook and Instagram advertising to drive traffic of potential clients and customers to your website.