Vepertoir Learning

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Distance is not a barrier!

'Vepertoir Learning' provides Mathematics and English language tutoring for international students between year 3 and year 9. We leverage technology to deliver standard lessons online, with the understanding that distance is not a barrier to learning.

All our lessons are delivered through Google Classroom in video formats that are professionally created to give students the feelings of a normal classroom setting. Our video lessons are then followed by live classes via Google Meet. The live class sessions are basically for questions and answers. And this gives our students the opportunity to get clarity on each day's lessons.

This method of delivery ensures that our students have life access to the videos delivered to them, and this means they can watch each video as many times as they want for mastery.


Students are tutored based on the curriculum of their country of residence. In cases where we do not have such curriculum, the prospective student will have to provide us with the curriculum of his/her country of residence.


Prospective students are expected to have the following to be able to take full advantage of our learning process:

  1. A Personal Computer

  2. A Smart Phone

The smart phone must be pre-installed with the following applications:

  • Google Classroom; Google Meet; WhatsApp; Whiteboard; YouTube; Media Player.