You have landed here because you have children (biological or otherwise) under your care, whose successes in reading and spelling you crave.

What is this about?

"Reading" and "Spelling" are very important life skills, and mastering these skills early in life is what parents desire for their children. Educators around the world work hard to find better ways to help children develop these skills early in life. The results they achieve vary most of the time, depending on the abilities of learners.

Teaching learners to read and spell is a difficult task. In fact, over three decades ago, it was even more difficult. Teachers taught learners to read by employing "Rote Learning." This system encourages learners to cram words. They start by cramming simple words, and gradually move up to cramming longer words. The problem with this method was that learners were not taught how to read by principles, which would have made it easier for them to become better readers and spellers. As a parent or educator you have heard of this system that teaches learners how to read by principle, and you wish to learn how it works.

Yes, that is what this platform was created for. "Phonics" is a system employed to teach learners how to read by principles. These principles are based on the sounds of the English letters. The application of these principles is called, "Synthetic Phonics."

Phonics takes care of learners who may not be able to cram words like their peers. Rather than teaching learners to cram, phonics teaches reading using the sounds produced by letters. To teach reading and spelling requires the educator to acquire the necessary skill.

Who is this for?

  • This is for you, if you are a parent who wants to teach reading to your child;
  • This is for you, if you run a crèche;
  • This is for you, if you are a nursery caregiver;
  • This is for you, if you are a nursery school teacher;
  • This is for you, if you are a primary school teacher;
  • This is for you, if you want to build a career in "Phonics Education."

What you will learn

  • You will learn how to write and pronounce the names of the letters (video);
  • You will learn how to write and pronounce the 42 letter sounds (video);
  • You will learn how to pronounce and teach tricky or sight words (text & audio);
  • You will learn how to pronounce and teach blending (text & audio).


  • You will have access to a comprehensive phonics scheme which you can use personally or as a school;
  • You will have access to Jolly Songs which you can use to enhance your teaching (pdf & audio);
  • You will also have access to a comprehensive "Sight Word Assessment and Progress Monitoring Worksheet."

By the end of this course

  • You would have been fully equipped with the skill required to teach reading and achieve desired results;
  • You would have been fully equipped with the process of phonics education.

Meet the course creator

Monday Akhimien

Hi! My name is Monday Akhimien. And I have taught phonics for over seven years. During this time, I have worked with more than twelve schools with over two thousand learners. I have also successfully authored a book on phonics for ages 3-5.

This period has afforded me the opportunity to provide training for nursery and primary school teachers within and outside Lagos. I have been able to gain in-depth knowledge in the teaching of reading using phonics techniques, and that is what I have put together in this course to help solve the problem of teaching reading to your children and pupils.

Some of the schools we have worked with

Mandate Private School, Akesan Lagos

Assured Hope Christian Academy, Ijanikin Lagos

Binta International School, Ajao Estate, Lagos

Cisto Nursery and Primary School, Ikotun Lagos

Prime Global School, Ago Okota, Lagos

Clemmy School, Egbe Lagos

So, how much does this cost?

A regular phonics training can cost as much as N40, 000.00. This does not include the cost of getting to the venue. And you cannot have access to such training for life. The "Phonics Education Mastery Handbook" gives you life access to its content. The beauty is that you only need your smart phone or computer to access this content. And all this is coming at a cost of;

N1, 995.00

How beautiful does that sound for the value you are going to get? Awesome, right! Why don't you make up your mind and take advantage of this limited time offer.


How do I pay?

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What happens after I pay?

  • Online payments are processed instantly. Once the payment is successful, you will be able to download your package instantly.
  • Once you pay into our bank account, you will need to notify us of your payment by email.

What happens if my online payment fails?

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Is there a certificate for completing this course?

  • Yes, there is. But, the cost of certificate is not included in the course fee. Speak to us concerning your certificate.