Vepertoir Solutions provides education and business services to a wide range of clients in the education and corporate business environment. Our services range from Phonics and Diction trainings for students and teachers to Staff trainings and Professional Business Services for corporate businesses.

We take pride in what we do, and go the extra length to provide satisfaction for our clients, while taking their pockets into consideration.

Phonics Training

Nursery and Primary Teachers are at the core of foundation building in child education. And Phonics plays a vital role in this process. Mastering the skills required to effectively teach Phonics is an essential part of the nursery and primary teachers' career. Vepertoir Solutions provides this training in the most effective way, helping nursery and primary class teachers master the required skill.

Our Phonics training is built upon Jolly Phonics™ which is a UK based Phonics training body recognised around the world. We have streamlined the Jolly Phonics concept to keep up with local standards while helping to achieve results that are at in line with international standards.

If your school is based outside Lagos State, there is no need to worry. Vepertoir Solutions is poised to deliver this training with Digital technology. We can deliver this training via video in the most effective way, and achieve the same results.

Diction Training

We provide Diction training for students, teachers and corporate bodies. This is because of our realisation that sound spoken English is a core of any business brand's reputation. And this is what our training helps to achieve. We have worked with schools, providing diction training for their students and teachers for the past six years, giving us a wealth of experience. We constantly align our diction training with the internationally recommended standard- the Received Pronunciation (RP), which is what you hear on the BBC, and is recommended to be taught in universities around the world.

With the advancement in technology, we have been able to deliver this training to teachers outside Lagos, taking advantage of digital technologies. So, your Location is not a barrier to getting this training. You only need to have the need for it, and we will do the rest.

Teacher Training

We provide teacher trainings that help build the skill capacity of teachers at primary and secondary levels. Our teacher trainings span through:

  • Business Etiquette;
  • Customer Delight;
  • Problem-solving and Thinking Skills;
  • Emotional Intelligence;
  • Digital technology for the Classroom;
  • Classroom Management etc.

Each of these area of trainings is to help teachers build their teaching capacities and keep up with the digital economy and current realities in the world of education. These trainings can be delivered with digital technology. Hence, distance is not a barrier. Select from our available trainings and see us deliver value to your school.